The pipe organ is a fascinating instrument, delivering a musical range that is unparalleled by any other instrument. The problem is one of access, getting to a church to practice, or installing an organ in your home!

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document the creation of a Virtual Pipe Organ (VPO), a computer controlled instrument that integrates readily available MIDI hardware, legacy organ hardware and real world organ samples...


This blog is intended to communicate a personal project. There is no commercial link with any hardware or software supplier used in the the build of he Virtual Pipe Organ.

Modifying the M-Audio 61ES keyboard.

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Building the organ bench.

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Build Blog

The organ bench seemed like a good starting point to revisit my very limited woodworking skills!

Organ stops present a challenge for the virtual organ builder. Unlike the core geometry of an organ, there are no standards for organ stops. The reason is simple; the number, type and layout of the stops changes from organ to organ. The virtual pipe organ compounds these issues by letting you change organs!

Organs vary in size and style . Fortunately standards have been developed that define the positions of the main playing surfaces. It makes sense to build an organ to these dimensions, as it will make it easier for an organist to move from the practice organ to another instrument. 

The plan is to build a practice organ. We didn't have the space (or desire) to build a huge console, the organ had to fit in a small music room. A relatively 'minimal' design was created, that would be initially configured as a 2 manual organ, but could easily be upgraded to a 3 manual organ at a later date...

A to-do list or plan can be very daunting at the start of any project, however it can help focus the mind on what needs to be done! I'm sure that this is not an exhaustive list, and it will probably bring a wry smile to the face of an experienced organ builder!